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Stonehenge CrossFit Member Spotlight – Yana Marshall

Yana Marshall

Age 49 (“Turning a massive 50 in 2017”)
Occupation Senior Account Executive – Self-Invested Personal Pension administration


Why did you start training at Stonehenge CrossFit?

I used to go to the gym on a regular basis and attended all the usual classes. I enjoyed spin classes and did Insanity. I think my level of fitness was reasonably good but I was getting bored with the gym and its repetitive routine and was looking for a new challenge… Then ladies in the gym mentioned CrossFit and that it is a different level of fitness… and I wanted to test myself.

What was the hardest thing to get used to?

The hardest thing was to realise and to feel how restricted my mobility actually was, in the hip area and in the shoulders and how important mobility is to get stronger. Also, I found the atmosphere of a CrossFit workout very different to that of the class in standard gym: you are never left alone during the session (even if you are at the back of the box), you are always included, constantly encouraged and motivated by both coaches and people around you and at first, being a rather shy person, I found it quite overwhelming but then I could see that I was not the only one struggling with all the new movements and started to relax and enjoy the brilliant atmosphere, the warm welcome, support and camaraderie.

Why do you still go?

Firstly, it definitely has great power to make you feel good. After training you have a different, much more positive outlook on any problems that preoccupied you during the day. Also, I see CrossFit as a new skill, like learning a new language (born Russian, I know what it takes to learn a new language!) – it is hard due to variety and complexity and depth but any progress is very rewarding and I hope to get fluent with a few more CrossFit movements this year and get to understand my body much better.

What has been your favourite CrossFit achievement?

Rope climbs. I was at ease with rope climbing at the age of 15 and my muscle memory did not fail me at the age of 49. And last year I took part in The Open (scaled Masters category) for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it.