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Stonehenge CrossFit Member Spotlight – Lee Perkes

Lee Perkes

Age 61
Occupation Financial Adviser
Fitness before CrossFit Mainly running with side helpings of yoga and kettlebells


Why did you start training at Stonehenge CrossFit?

I wanted some exercise for all-round fitness and also something to strengthen my core to help with my running while fitting into my schedule. I was drawn to CrossFit because of the range of activities and exercises and the class times seemed to meet my objectives. 

Why do you still go?

Because it works! I cannot think of another way to exercise that combines so many different approaches and I can genuinely say that in close to 18 months every session has been different. 

What has been your best achievement since starting?

Surviving the WODs (CrossFit talk for 'Workout of the Day').

What would you say to anyone wanting to try Stonehenge CrossFit?

No activity is for everyone but if you want something that will provide all-over fitness through a variety of exercises in a friendly environment where everyone supports each other no matter whether they are just starting out or are 'old hands' (or in my case just old) then just give it a go – you may be surprised at just how much you enjoy it!