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Stonehenge CrossFit Member Spotlight – Jeff Baillie

Jeff Baillie

Occupation Sales director
Previous fitness Old fashioned bodybuilding, distance running, tennis

Why did you start at Stonehenge CrossFit?

I wanted to try something different after growing bored of bodybuilding-style weight training, but I still wanted to keep the weights and the cardio in there. After finally following up on a friend's recommendation, I went to a taster session, immediately fell in love with the new challenge, did the fundamentals class and never looked back.

What have you found most difficult about CrossFit?

Easily the more technical Olympic lifts, particularly the Snatch. I was very much humbled by these lifts, but after practice and coaching, I am now confident in those lifts and at the time of writing have just increased my personal best by 5kg on the snatch.

Why do you keep going back to the box? 

There is such an incredible sense of community in the box, where the last person to finish gets the biggest cheer and the new members are welcomed, as I was, with open arms and encouragement. Such a far cry from the ‘head down train in silence’ environment you often find in traditional gyms. That and the constant desire to improve, of course.

What has been your greatest achievement since you began? 

Linking muscle-ups on the rings and on the bars. Such a satisfying move and when I finally got it I knew I had just done something I would never have even entertained attempting in the past. And making the final of the Athletika competition alongside two great team mates and friends.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining Stonehenge CrossFit?

Coming from a regular gym I was a natural cynic of CrossFit, but I could not have been more wrong! Aside to great coaching, motivational environment, friendly attitudes and awesome people... I have become stronger and fitter than I ever have been and have maintained body composition. Don’t think about it, just do it, you wont regret it.