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Stonehenge CrossFit Member spotlight - Saeidah Aletaha

Sai Aletaha

Age 23
Occupation Product design engineer
Fitness before CrossFit Okay, but definitely needed a boost. I did Muay Thai Boxing, gym and running, with previous experience in full contact karate (Kyokushin).


Why did you start training at Stonehenge CrossFit?

I was going to the gym alongside my martial arts training, but was looking for something that would help with my strength and explosiveness. A friend of mine suggested I join her for a taster session at Stonehenge CrossFit. When I showed up to the class, I was intrigued by the combination of the strength element at the beginning and the WOD that was followed afterwards. I remember getting back in the car after the class; “Well… that was AWESOME.”

What were the hardest things to get used to?

Some of the barbell techniques were quite challenging to start with as they were quite new to me. But the main challenge was to work on the mentality of accepting my own pace, despite what was happening around me and how much I had to scale down the workouts.

Why do you keep going back?

I realised it is helping me achieve my goals more than a normal gym. Also, even though I’m training for Thai Boxing and Kyokushin, I still wanted to get the most out of CrossFit. I started seeing progress, which just made me want more. That’s when I cancelled my gym membership and went straight for a full membership at Stonehenge. There is always something to work techniques…heavier weights..etc. There’s such a great atmosphere as well! Training is definitely much more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by lovely people!

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Realising my body can take a lot more than I thought it could. Doing techniques/workouts that I used to see others do and think that I wouldn’t be able to do. ( feels pretty epic when you lift twice your own weight.)

What would you say to anyone thinking about trying Stonehenge CrossFit?

People walk in there with different abilities and goals. I can carry on talking about the super helpful coaches, the nice atmosphere and the great programming…but you just have to come and see for yourself.